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Tower Term is a limitless space where the Tower Hill community can explore learning together in an interdisciplinary, experiential way. This time allows for creative and dynamic programming that promotes deep engagement, critical thinking, and real-life application. This dedicated period allows students and faculty to explore ideas, take risks, and run experiments. These courses will set the stage for collaborative, interdepartmental, student-driven activities that provide diversified preparation for lifelong learning and personal growth.

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Course List

Boat Building 1919

In this course, students will build a mini-sailboat equipped with a GPS tracker to study ocean and wind patterns and much more. This five-foot mini-boat, which needs no outside assistance, will travel the Atlantic for the entire THS Centennial Year, giving students the opportunity to learn and improve many skills. Students will also build a pond yacht to launch on a local waterway.

Backpacking in Shenandoah National Park

In this course, students will take a four day and three night hike through Shenandoah National Park. The average day will feature 10 miles of hiking with beautiful views from high peaks and waterfalls. There will be opportunities for students to swim, slide down cascades, scramble across rocks, build fires, and cook their own food as they journey through the wilderness.

Escape! Make your own Escape Room

In this course, students will learn how to develop and stage an Escape Room from the ground up. From concept, to construction, to escape, students will create their own fully-functional adventure for others to experience, enjoy, and (hopefully) ESCAPE!

Humans of the World

In this course, students will delve into questions of identity as they consider their place in the larger world. Using interview techniques and a variety of media (photography, film, audio, theatre, writing, visual art), students will explore connections between themselves and others, learning more about life stories and the art of storytelling. Students will also have the opportunity to listen to a number of speakers including Liliana Velásquez, who fled Guatemala for the United States at the age of fourteen. Furthermore, students will get a taste of various cultures through lunches and snacks representing different parts of the world. For the culminating project, students will exhibit the intimate storytelling practices they have learned through a multimedia project.

The Art & Science of Cooking

In this course, students will learn the basics of cooking, including everything from vegetable chopping to the intricacies of baking. In addition to honing their skills in the kitchen and planning meals, students will learn the basics of food photography: the mechanics of a camera, editing, and visual layout. The capstone of the course is the creation of a Tower Hill food blog. The course includes a visit to a local farm, viewing of food documentaries, and the chance to learn from professionals in the field.


A crime has occurred, and the scene is under investigation! In this course, students will acquire the skills and training needed to solve the case. They will discover fingerprints, analyze handwriting, and test hair samples. The suspect won’t have a chance to escape after these Hillers run a DNA investigation. Students will have the opportunity to compare their experiments with how things are done (correctly or incorrectly) in movies and television. This course will give students hands-on experience in making crime scene observations, collecting evidence, and drawing conclusions using forensic science methods.

Girls Off the Grid

In this course, women will be challenging themselves physically and mentally in the Shenandoah mountains. They will unplug for a few days, get some exercise, reflect, bond and empower themselves. During this trip, students will build confidence in their leadership skills while also gaining a better understanding of strengths, weaknesses, and areas of growth as leaders.

Grillin' and Smokin': The Chemistry of Grilling

In this course, students will learn everything about grilling, from preparing the meat to caring for the grill. They will also visit a local butcher and BBQ smokehouse and get expert instruction for their own grilling. The class will demonstrate cooking with charcoal, gas, and smoking techniques. Summer is coming, but for the budding grill master, this will become a year-long and life-long love.

Jewelry Making and the Art of Small Business

In this hands-on course, students will experiment with several different jewelry-making techniques and learn to use a variety of jeweler’s tools. Students' interest in styles and design will guide the experience. Students will visit several local jewelry studios and shops and venture into Philadelphia to explore the historic Samson Street Jewelers' Row, the first diamond district in America. By the end of the course, each student will create a series of unique jewelry pieces to take home. Additionally, this group will briefly look into the idea of small business enterprise and analyze how to best brand, market and package items for sale.

Murals and Social Justice

In this course, students will design a mural to be displayed at Tower Hill and learn about

social justice topics through podcasts and articles regarding mural movements. On a visit to the Mural Arts Program in Philadelphia, students will gain an understanding of the ways visual imagery can represent, inspire, and shape communities. The visit will include a guided interactive walking tour to view 10-20 murals in center city, learning about the story of each from conceptualization to implementation. Here at THS, students will consider the elements and themes of their own community and begin the design stage for a Tower Hill mural.

NextFab: MakerSpace Inventors/Entrepreneurs Workshop

In this course, students will put their skills in art and technology to the test and get a chance to see what the Maker movement is all about. The Makerspace Team will support the Escape Room project by creating the amazing puzzles and gadgets their guests will be solving. In conjunction with the NextFab facility in Wilmington, students will use 3D software and printers, vector graphics software and laser cutting systems, and Arduino programming to design, build, and program the puzzles.

P.A.S.S: Post Apocalyptic Survival Skills

In this course, students will learn how to survive in a world without infrastructure and amenities - to adapt and overcome; not just survive, but thrive! Focusing on learning skills related to shelter, water, food, nature knowledge, and tools, students will gain valuable experience, both in the classroom and out in nature. Students will take urban hikes, learning about navigation as well as local flora and fauna for food and medicine. Through hands-on challenges such as creating fire, finding clean drinking water, making tools, and growing food, students will become prepared for anything life throws at them in the future. Students will work together cooperatively and break into rival clan battles to find out what it takes to survive in P.A.S.S.!!!

Stuff You Should Know

In this course, students will become familiar with everyday information and experiences that are not commonly taught in academic programs but are essential for full appreciation and command of an adult life. These topics include personal finance, citizenship in American democracy, familiarity with modern art, and home ownership/repair. Students will spend mornings learning new "stuff" and afternoons on short field trips to explore real-world applications of these important lessons, including private art walks, business leader visits, lawmaker lectures, and hands-on home and garden activities. In the end, participants and teachers, in small groups of their own choosing, will produce pieces of Modern art that show off their... "stuff."

Tower Hill Athletic Hall of Fame

In this course, students will explore sports "Halls of Fame." Students will study halls of fame at a variety of levels including high school, college, and professional teams. Working together, students will explore the history of halls of fame and create a proposal for a new Tower Hill Athletics Hall of Fame, including design recommendations. Students will conduct site visits to several local athletic halls of fame, having the opportunity to examine the collections and collect data on each site's physical design elements.

WWII in History and Film

In this course, students will use film as a tool to examine World War II. While studying different aspects of the war, students will evaluate film as a form of artistic expression. The focus will concentrate on the historical validity of each film. Students will ascertain where history was sacrificed and how filmmakers find balance between staying true to history and creating meaningful works of art. Film provides a different lens through which to study history; one that requires a critical look.

International Food

In this course, students will investigate and sample some of the foods and cooking styles that represent people across the world. Students will learn cooking skills associated with a number of international and ethnic-specific cuisines. The week together will give students a better understanding of international food sources and global culinary cultures, and will

help them to acquire a more in-depth appreciation of food preparation techniques

and terminology. Students will learn appropriate dining etiquette from different cultures and creatively express their appreciation for the cultural differences within the Tower Hill community.​

Meta Tower Term

May 31, 2019

In this course, students become embedded reporters with Tower Hill’s Communications Office, documenting what’s happening in the various Tower Term courses on and off campus. Students build this website, take photos and videos to share on social media, and write articles for the school’s alumni magazine.

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